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Notice: Due to so many clients I have slowed down on all advertising. This webpage is mainly used for demo purposes. The content you come across was last updated in 2012, exluding this blurb on the homepage. CurlTech Solutions is still around but has grown to a steady capacity of many clients I help around the area. I work in clients as my schedule permits. My goal is to serve my clients to the best ability and because of this I have realized it is best to step off the proverbial gas pedal and instead allow time to help existing clients or new clients that are referred to me via word of mouth. I take in new clients as time allows, but I no longer actively seek new clientele. If you do have any tech issues, do not hesitate to contact me. I will take the time to assist you and let you know what the next step is to solving any technical problems you stumble into. The best method to reach me is via e-mail, posted under the contact tab above.



CurlTech Solutions goal is to offer simple solutions for complex problems. Sounds simple, right?


CurlTech Solutions is looking forward to serving you. Feel free to pass on our contact information.


Computer Problems? Frustrated?


If you have any computer troubles at all, PLEASE contact CurlTech Solutions. (Contacts are available under the "Contact" link found in the navigation menu above, or you may click here.)


On Site Computer Repair!

CurlTech Solutions performs on-site computer services. Not all problems can be fixed on site, so the computer may have to be removed and serviced. If you'd rather not deal with a mess of cables call CurlTech Solutions today! Housecalls can be less stress for you, and easier than trying to walk you through processes over the phone.


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