About CurlTech Solutions - CTS


CurlTech Solutions is the new company previously known as Nic's PC Services. Many new advancements are coming with the new company name, such as web hosting, online clientell, and a vaster area of service.


About Nic, founder of CurlTech Solutions

"I first became interested in computers at the age of seven. I had found a Toy Story game in a cereal box at my grandparents, and decided to try and figure out how to get to play it. In most cases, a seven year old on a computer (at this time, they were extremely expensive) was not the best idea. Luckily it was a very simple installation, and I happened to not screw up the computer.

I played the game, but it never quenched my boredom...so I eventually got into messing with computer settings, specifically the backgrounds. Little did I know, this would start a major key to my future. You wouldn't think one could start something from simply changing the desktop, but this was on Windows 98, where if you understood that, you understood the basics of the operating system.

I never have, and never intend on bragging my computer skills. I have taught myself through trial and error, for now; which has been nine years (as of 2011). I learned a lot more about computers, when my father first got one when I was about ten years old. My father purchased an online FPS (first person shooter) game, that I soon became addicted to.

A few months after having this game, I explored the online mode (on dial-up) and started playing, with other people around the world. I made many friends this way, who were all impressively computer literate. I started working on computers when I got my own, for Christmas, when I was twelve. I built my first desktop computer shortly after I had my own, I knew quite a bit about operating systems and software at this time, so hardware was no issue. I did a lot more with computers 'til I turned fourteen, and this is when I got a little more serious. I ended up building my own laptop this time, and doing a custom paint job on it with some auto-detail paint. I also built my first Gaming PC. This is when my dad and I turned this into more of a job for myself. I started to have my family tell their friends about myself, and started to have some jobs after school...(simple stuff like virus removal, tune-ups, etc.) I also started working with photoshop and java at this time, which got me into being a web-master, of an online gaming squad website, I happened to get lucky and discover it just as the owner was stepping out from under it."